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Sonos Studio Blow Your Head

Sonos Studio Blow Your Head

Imprint Projects turned Diplo and photographer Shane McCauley's project Blow Your Head into an ethno-musicological installation taking visitors on a journey around the world. Visitors picked songs from Diplo’s favorite regional music blogs via the Sonos controller, activating an 8-projector mapped stream of sound-responsive photos and video from the duo’s adventures documenting the international music scene. Sonos Studio also held a listening party with St Lucia, and premiered Moby’s new album with a rare solo acoustic performance and Q&A.

Imprint developed the exhibition concept in partnership with Diplo and McCauley, and produced all supporting event programming. As Senior Project Manager, I led client and artist communication, artist engagement, overall budget, project timeline, design production, and program development. 

Curator: David Kramer
Senior Project Manager: Lien Nguyen
Project Manager: Emily Sills
Producer: Anh Do

Agency: Imprint Projects
Artist: Diplo and Shane McCauley