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Levi's Music Project x SZA

Levi's Music Project x SZA

Levi’s and SZA partnered to develop a summer concert series with the Camden Children’s Garden in New Jersey. From May until August of 2016 the Camden Children’s Garden hosted monthly “Music Feeds Me” workshops and performances with local talent and community members all free of charge.

Levi’s launched the program with an afternoon of music and food workshops for guests of all ages, culminating in a special performance by SZA. Documentary video and photography were released in Fall 2016 to announce the Levi’s Music Project.

I oversaw the program from conception to launch including creation of the project scope, budget, artist engagement, program concept, nonprofit partnership, activation execution, and content production. 

Agency: Imprint Projects

Creative Director: Diego Marini
Executive Producer: Lien Nguyen
Project Manager: Kat Kennedy
Producer: Vanessa Escamilla
Prod. Coordinator: Mars Osterello

Director: Michael Belcher
Photo: Lauren Crew