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Levi's 501 Jean: Stories of an Original

Levi's 501 Jean: Stories of an Original

This multi-part film is an ongoing documentary project that spans continents, transcends culture, and endures through our modern times. Voices range from cultural icons to factory workers, cowboys, bikers, fashionistas, musicians, and more. This content serves as a timeless global asset for the brand, viewed in private and public screenings, online and in theaters throughout the world. The story continues to evolve with new episodes each year. 

As Executive Producer, I oversaw the series launch including the first three episodes: Work, Style, and Rebellion. I managed our agency scope, project budget, client communication, video production, and post production.

Creative Director: David Kramer
Executive Producer: Lien Nguyen, Nina Sers
Project Manager: Emily Sills
Archivist: Lucy Rose

Agency: Imprint Projects
Prod. Company: Ways and Means

Director: Harry Israelson